Feeling Fine Friday: 5 Science Facts About Healthy Living


I often spend days at a time wading through PubMed science articles in my lab that are incredibly specific to my little niche of research. Occasionally, though, I use my baller search term skills to answer some of my own questions about topics near and dear to my heart, namely: health outcomes, fitness and athletic injuries, effects of diet on behavior and body weight, and a personal favorite of debunking false claims.

Here are my favorite peer-reviewed articles and reviews that I’ve enjoyed reading throughout the week. If you have any questions on these topics or others, I love doing research! Remember though, I’m just a researcher poking about the annals of scientific history, not a medical professional. 😉

5 Scientific Facts About Healthy Living | This Miss CooksPhoto by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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How Do I Plan One Week of Workouts?

I am insanely schedule-driven. I love my calendars and my annotated lists and spreadsheets and just in general filling up my time productively. I know that internal motivation is where it’s at in the psychology research these days, but hot damn if I don’t get a real thrill out of crossing off to-dos one by one.

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