Travel Guide: Oceanside & the Oregon Coast

I love how all my traveling outside of Portland tends to fall right in the middle of the only beautiful weather this city gets. The things we do for love.

This year’s Labor Day weekend was at least spent a 90 minute drive from our front door, in a lovely little town called Oceanside, OR. The trip out to the coast was a little rainy and beautiful, filled with shifting, billowy clouds and sweet farms. If you’re the passenger, that is. If you’re driving the view was mostly the back end of a slow moving RV. A word to the wise: Route 6  is prone to some awful car accidents, so be careful to drive safely.


One of my favorite parts about coming to Oceanside is the relative solitude and quietness of the area. Unlike Seaside or Canon Beach, Oceanside isn’t a big tourist destination, just a sleepy little town with a single Inn and the best darn desserts for many miles. It’s also right next to Netarts Bay for crabbing and clamming. We didn’t get the chance to do it this time, but I’ve done it before and had a blast. Months with ‘R’ was the advice I got for those activities.


The homes are quirky and offbeat, with a strong beach vibe. I loved walking my dog around the neighborhoods. We’ve stayed in a number of the vacation rental houses here and loved them all.


You can get gorgeous views anywhere since the town was built on a steep slope to the shoreline.If you go when there’s a neap tide, you can check out Lost Boy’s Cave. Just watch out for the crabs and the rising tide.


You’re only a few minutes away by car from one of my favorite Oregon hikes, Cape Lookout. I’ve done this trail a number of times and it never gets old. Last time we were here we saw what I believe were porpoises below us. This time it was whales.


If you’re from somewhere like California or Florida, this isn’t your usual warm water. In fact, I always call it the coast instead of the beach for that very reason. It’s still worth it to dip your toes in though. 😉

Travel Guide: Oceanside & the Oregon Coast.JPG

I hope some of you find your way over to Oceanside one day soon for a relaxing long weekend with loved ones.

Until next time!

6 thoughts on “Travel Guide: Oceanside & the Oregon Coast

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  3. I love Oceanside and everywhere around the Oregon Coast. Have you been to Yachats? I liked Brookings a lot too, especially since it’s a good place to stay to explore the northern redwoods.

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  4. The Oregon Coast really is a wonderful place, especially this time of year! I haven’t been to Yachats or Brookings (we’ve done Astoria, Newport, Rockaway & Seaside) but I’ve always wanted to see the redwoods and that sounds like the perfect way to do it. I was just looking up camp spots there and it looks like Harris Beach also has a national wildlife sanctuary for rare birds, which my fiance would absolutely love. Thank you so much for the amazing idea!


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